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Thank you.jpg

Elaine came highly recommended by a friend and I was not disappointed!  Elaine was exceptional in the way she handled my rental property and went over and beyond her responsibilities. She is very reliable, professional and trustworthy. She is prompt in her responses and very patient in addressing my questions/concerns. 


Elaine outdid herself when she was able to put my house on the market quickly, screen many potential tenants and successfully secured the right tenants. Elaine also made sure the move in was smooth and seamless between both parties. Thank you Elaine for your hard work and diligence! I highly recommend  to anyone looking for a professional and reliable realtor.

June Koh, July 2021

Thank you.jpg
Thank you.jpg

"I had just moved to Singapore for a new job for the first time in my life and wanted to seek out a place for myself. Elaine was amazingly patient and kind enough to work with me through the price points, I remember being quite anxious about finding the right place but Elaine found a lot of options for us to go with. Elaine was very honest with me when we were reviewing places and would give really good advice on what we were seeing. When we found the place that I wanted, she helped me through and was very meticulous about my contract and helped educate me about a lot of important information on renting out in Singapore. She would also always look out for my best interest in assisting with my contract. She has also helped me with small reminders and information about plenty of things since living in my new place.

Elaine turned something I was anxious about into a very friendly and smooth process, and I very much appreciate it. If I am looking for a new place I will definitely be contacting Elaine to help me out again.

Nicholas Oei, June 2021

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Thank you.jpg

My family and I have been invested in the property market for more than 20 years.  A property transaction is a big ticket item and there is always a temptation by agents to take the easy way out by rushing through and/or pushing through a deal through high pressure tactics. 


Elaine patiently listened to my requirements and shared with me the current market situation through facts and figures.  She walked through with me the figures that would apply to me in a potential sale.  There was no "hard selling" but just explaining trough data and possible scenarios particular to my situation. 


She respected my decisions and concerns. It enabled me to understand my financial standing pertaining to my real estate portfolio. 


For my rental property, she handled the entire process professionally, to ensure a smooth and favourable outcome. You will enjoy working with her due to her steady, clam disposition and competent explanations. 

Diana Loh, June 2019

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Thank you.jpg

Elaine’s professionalism has meant that my investment journey into property has been ultra smooth and most importantly, worry-free. Her meticulousness sees her covering all angles of my purchase and subsequent tenanting - from paperwork to tenant management. Additionally, she’s got my best interests at heart so she’s frank about potential investment risks and works to minimize them as far as possible. Glad to have worked with her and found a good friend in the process!  

W Q Peh, July 2021

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I am happy to provide my warm recommendation for Elaine Tan.

A background, since relocating to Singapore I have been investing in residential properties, mostly in central and western regions.

During this period I was assisted by several agents, and while most have good values and good intentions, they usually lack patience and time.

Time and attention are fundamental to handle investments and rentals, as well as to cater seller/buyer and tenant/landlord relationships.

Its quite simple really, but hardly found with most agents I worked with, until I met Elaine.

Since we met, and within a short period of time, Elaine was able to find the right solution to each property. After securing a tenant, Elaine was supportive, organised and independent, ensuring a pleasant and smooth interaction between all parties.


I found Elaine to be reliable, always available, fast to react, factual and punctual, sincerely representing me and putting herself in my shoes.


Elaine should be considered by any independent investor as a preferred agent, without hesitation.

CY B, Sept 2019

Thank you.jpg

We are very satisfied with the excellent job that Elaine had rendered us.


She had put in so much efforts and gave us detailed amount of researched data every time we have questions. We have been looking for a property for years and would change wishes along the way but Elaine has been very accommodating and had gone way beyond in finding a home that suits us.


We are ever thankful for her work and very satisfied with the home that we’ve found. She is definitely highly recommended! 

Anna Munoz, Aug 2018

Thank you.jpg

If you have any real estate need, you will probably want to have someone who is tenacious, indefatigable and a persevering agent representing you and Elaine fits this description and is exactly the sort of agent you can rely on. 

She originally came highly recommended by my sister, and true enough, she was very professional and attentive to detail and very easy to work with. 


She stayed the course through a very trying and frustrating leasing process in a tough market condition and finally managed to help us rent out our property.  Elaine is also candid and honest with her clients and I can highly recommend her to anyone seeing a truly professional realtor. 

Mike Ang, Dec 2018

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First of all, my sister, brother-in-law and I would like to thank you for your assistance, patience, hard work, persistence in following up with the sellers' agent to close the deal for my new and first home in Singapore.  You are definitely God-sent at the right time when I was looking for a place to purchase.  


I still remember the first time I contacted you after my sister's friends highly recommended you, I could tell from your prompt response and the questions which you posted to me to find out more about my criterias and requirements in finding a home, that you are very professional and definitely impressive.  In my heart, I was thinking 'Wow, she's professional and efficient!'.  Since this is my first home in Singapore, Elaine, you have provided me with many insights into what to look out, guidance on the processes (in which I've asked you to repeat so many times) and you would patiently repeat them to me.  You definitely have the best interests of your clients in mind.  There are times when I asked you for your personal views on the various properties which we've viewed, you will go all the way to provide me with analysis, data, comparisons, pros and cons of the various properties, which definitely differentiates you from others in your profession.  


At the time when I've finally made up my mind on the property to buy, you would suggest that we walk to the MRTand bus stops to have an idea on the walking distance and that I'm comfortable with the distance.  To be honest, I was quite reluctant to do so because I was feeling lazy at that time :).  You insisted that I should do so because I'm buying a home and I should make the right decision.  And we did walk to the MRT and bus stops!  And while walking, I got to know more about the surroundings and it definitely helps to reaffirm my decision on the purchase.  You are definitely a gem and sincere in making sure that I find the right place!  I know that to you it's not just about closing the deal.  Thank you!


As I recollect when you asked me to re-consider between two properties, one which is a new development with much lower price than another which is older due to its location.  I was quite amazed why you asked as I thought most realtors wiould have encouraged me to settle with the one with higher price and would do a hard sell on it.  You even asked me what I like about the two properties which made me do a comparison.  As a newbie in purchasing a new home, I would have made a rash decision.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you Elaine for looking after my interests.


Last but not least, thank you for all your hard work, efficiency, responsibility in making sure that I get the best deal and first home in Singapore!


May God bless you at all times!

Pau Ming, Jan 2018

Thank you.jpg

Elaine has been our realtor for the past 10 years, helping us over multiple transactions and we couldnt be happier with her service! Elaine is the ultimate professional, she works very efficiently and frequently goes above and beyond for her clients.


In multiple occasions, she took the initiative to solve an issue or to offer a solution before we even ask her to. She has great judgement and we always trust her advice.


Most importantly, we always feel that she's looking out for our best interests. Wed certainly recommend Elaine to anyone whose looking for a trustworthy, dependable, professional and overall wonderful realtor!

Vania Liong, Dec 2020

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