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Prices in Newton, Novena (June 2023)

Stay in touch with *latest price movements*↙️↖️:

1. The developer for The Atelier (Freehold, 2 Makeway Ave, 120 units) *dropped price* ⤵️and offloaded more than 15units recently at a prices ranging from $25xxpsf to $28xxpsf

2. The Hermitage next to Newton MRT (freehold, 24 years old, 32 units), achieved a new benchmark high 🏘️ of $2096psf

for a 818sft.

3. 🏡For properties in a desirable location, with prime attributes, they may not be severly affected by the issue of decaying lease.

Cases in point:

A) Townhouse Apartments in Newton area, *99yr from 1977*, latest June caveat sold at $984psf. Still higher than the last similar size sold in year 2021 at $945psf.

B) Amaryllis Ville, *99yr from 1997*, latest June caveat at $2003psf, similar psf level at The Hermitage and oldish freehold ones in Districts 10/ 11.

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