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4 Reasons Why Singapore May Be Bucking The Trend Despite Falls in Other Markets

So much conflicting news, how to sift through the noise? 😬

Based on the above article, there are 4 reasons why Singapore may be bucking the trend despite falling prices in other markets.

1.Hdb, forming the foundation of residential property market, is still powering strong.

2. Cash rich China buyers adding to demand.

3. Commercial real estate still strong.

4. Common investor sentiment that Singapore remains a stable, transparent and business friendly market in a turbulent global climate.

*My own thoughts* If not for the dramatic rise in interest rates to temper and subdue demand, prices may be even higher than today's current prices.

Fortunately for government's preemptive cooling measures since year 2010, where their objective has always been to "ensure a stable and sustainable property market", hence it appears Singapore has not been impacted heavily by the effects of a huge real estate bubble.


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